New York improv team: Herschel


Herschel is an NYC improv group that formed in 2009. They have united with the same goal of providing intelligent, envelope pushing improvisation. They are Michael Cirelli, Nathan Clancy, Gary De Noia, Lucas Hazlett & Erick Hellwig. Herschel frequently performs in Manhattan’s People’s Improv Theater in addition to many other venues throughout New York City. They also have been official selections to both the Toronto and Sketchprov 2010. Herschel's members have been featured on house teams at Improv Olympic in Chicago and The People’s Improv Theater. They are known for their “Glory” opening which serves as the catalyst for their high - energy, emotionally charged, physical and unpredictable scene work. Herschel recently completed runs of their shows "Herschel Destroys Time", "Herschel Destroys Herschel", and "Herschel Herschel Herschel", and still performs in one-off performances whenever and wherever minds need to be blown.